Three of Swords (Strong Heart)

Three of Swords was the first jewelry collection we created, for this reason and for the strong message behind this piece that makes it so special for us.

When we decided to make jewelry, we were clear that we wanted it to have a message, that it be charms. One of those jewels that when you are not wearing them, you notice that you are missing something.

Who hasn't had their heart broken at some point?

For this reason, in love with the Rider White tarot and all the iconography behind it, we chose the three of swords. A letter that caught our attention from the first moment, not only because of its aesthetics but also because of the message it hid behind.

“A heart suspended in the air is pierced by three swords. The heart is a symbol of emotion and beauty, while piercing swords reflect the ability and power of intellect and logic to do damage to a person's emotions.
The sky is very stormy and the rain falls violently, representing a bleak moment in time.
The Three of Swords is a certainly painful card, where your heart and your emotions are crossed by one or more things that take you to the emotional limit, but at the same time its message is that you will get ahead and heal yourself to enjoy life again. life". 

Despite the fact that its meaning is negative, we wanted to reflect that everything bad happens, focusing on the positive part that this card represents. A letter that, although it represents a painful moment, also has a message of improvement, a message that we must not forget. A new beginning that, despite being hard and painful, you must face honestly to overcome it.

"A symbol to remind you every day that even if someone breaks your heart, you can heal any wound."

Under its "Strong Heart" inscription on the back, it becomes a piece that we should all have to symbolize that a woman's heart is the strongest thing there is.

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