From posters to a jewel...

When we started with Morgana Sanderson we knew what we wanted to do but we didn't know how, one lived in Madrid, moving to Mallorca, and the other in Barcelona, ​​we had no capital, no business notions, no experience in the world of jewelry.

But we decided to jump in and work remotely, go little by little and see how far we could go.

Something you need to know about us is that we both have jobs that we complement with Morgana and our dream has always been to move this project forward, we opted for organic growth and dedicate all our free time to making it a reality. We would grow through sales and publicizing our work.

For this reason, those of you who have been here for a while have seen the growth of Morgana from scratch, when we only published inspiration and took out the posters, when we released our first "Witch Power" t-shirt and how with the success of this t-shirt we launched to create our first jewel, “Three of Swords”, the jewel that changed everything.

A lot has happened since then, a lot of jewels, a lot of learning and a lot of changes. This year we continue to dream big, and remembering this iconic shirt and all that we have grown, we show you our Vision Board for this 2023. Hopefully we can continue to grow with you.