The Moon, feminine power

The Moon has caused fascination for human beings since the beginning of time. It is always there, brilliant, powerful, unattainable. New or full, many of us feel especially connected to the moon and governed by its influence. Do you want to know why you feel this connection? Keep reading!

The moon takes approximately 28 days to go around the earth, so it is closely related to female cycles and motherhood. It is no coincidence that, in many mythologies, it is related to feminine power, represented through various deities. Selene, in the Greco-Roman tradition that precedes us, gave rise to Artemis in Greece and Diana in Rome. In any case, both represent the Mother Goddess, the queen of heaven.

It is the only natural satellite of the earth and it is in sync with our planet, always showing us the same face. In addition, its influence is responsible for the tides and the increase in the length of the day. Apart from this special connection with the feminine world, historically, the influence of the moon on human beings in general has always been believed. In the 16th century the term lunatic was coined to describe a type of madness that was related to the phases of this satellite and, in many Buddhist monasteries, they take a vow of silence during the new moon, the full moon and eclipses. They consider that these phases magnify our emotions and, therefore, we are more prone to act impulsively and emotionally, and may attract bad karma.

As little witches that we are, for us the moon has a very important role. According to "The Spiral Dance" (Starhawk), one of the most relevant texts on the history of witchcraft and its role in the modern age, the first witches were those who worshiped the earth and lived governed by lunar cycles. The Triple Goddess is an important witchcraft symbol representing the three phases of the moon: waxing, full, and waning. This symbol represents the three aspects of the woman: the girl, the woman and the wise old woman and is associated with divine femininity.

Are we still flowing under the power of the moon in the 21st century? Of course, dear coven! For astrology, the moon has a very important role. In our natal chart, it represents our emotions, the perception we have of our mother, and even our own motherhood. When you analyze your birth chart, pay special attention to the sign it is in, as it will show you your emotional needs. For example, a person with the moon in Aquarius will have emotional needs for independence, freedom and will want to feel different from others.

Cancer and Taurus are the signs that are most related to the moon, because they are the ones that most represent the concepts of home and emotional stability that are associated with it. For those of you who are starting out in astrology, the astral houses show us in which specific areas of our life the influence of a certain planet in a sign will have an impact. The moon rules the 4th house, which is the area of ​​action on the emotional and soul level. Therefore, it is closely related to home, family and roots. This means that the influence of the moon is especially powerful in this area of ​​our lives.

Now, run to your birth chart and find out what the moon has for you! Study it carefully and flow with it to feel more balanced and calm. Soon we will talk to you in more detail about the phases of the moon and what energies each one brings with it.

By @cosmicgyals

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