The Sun, our way of shining

The Sun is by far the most visible face of astrology for most of us. When you read your horoscope in magazines, you differentiate and place yourself by your sun sign. That is, in what position was the sun at the moment you were born.

The Sun takes 12 months to go through all the signs and when it passes through yours, it is the moment in which you have the opportunity to shine and radiate who you really are. The Sun is the star with the most influence on earth, which is why its role in astrology is essential and its influence on us is enormous.

"The real me" 

Its astrological meaning corresponds to our true identity and the way we "be" and exploit our full potential.

Regardless of the sign our Sun is in, this star changes a lot depending on our level of consciousness and vibration. A person with well channeled solar energy will be warm, bright, creative and attractive. However, if we have the Sun channeled poorly, we will stand out for our narcissism and we will always be aware of what others think about us, giving excessive value to the ego.

"The paternity"

The Sun, in astrology, is also associated with paternity and the image we have of our father. Just as the Moon has feminine energy, the Sun has masculine energy and therefore gives us information about the relationship we have with our father and the masculine authority in our lives. It does not have to refer to your biological father, it can be that figure of paternal authority that has marked your life, such as a relative, a teacher or a leader. A person with the sun in Virgo, for example, will have a perception of their father figure that is very healing and related to medicine, science or logic.

"The way"

The Sun, in our natal chart, tells us what points or qualities we have to learn to master in life in order to be fully conscious and happy. For example, with the Sun in Pisces, you will have to learn to explore and your empathy and sensitivity in order to unleash your creativity and inner light. On the contrary, a person with the Sun in Aries will have to always be setting new challenges and constantly moving to feel alive and fulfilled.

By @cosmicgyals

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