Meaning of the key in jewelry

It is said that giving a silver key opens the heart of the person who receives it. The keys represent independence, confidence and strength .

This double role of opening and closing can be merged into the idea of ​​beginning and ending a stage , entering and exiting somewhere. In the same way, it can have the power to unite and to separate.

The key can also reveal a mystery to us , like when a chest is found and we don't know what it contains.


The keys and the padlocks in which they fit are symbols that have been with us since ancient times to protect personal property. The keys, locks and padlocks tell us about the value of what is "locked up".

Its origin is very old, which means that the first manufacturers are really unknown. However, by the 7th century BC , Theodore of Samos was credited with inventing the key, but it is believed that they were already in use long before. History has left traces indicating the possibility that the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations were the first to use the key.

The creation of the key in these civilizations goes back to a lack that man has had and that as time goes by that need continues to exist, it is to safeguard valuable objects, be they economic and/or sentimental.

Over time, both the key and the lock have been changing but maintaining their essence of providing security. These changes refer to the type of material, and its shape. As time progressed, the evolution of the form and the level of security changed. In addition to the main function of safeguarding belongings, it has served another function. Since ancient times it has taken on a spiritual character. His appearance represents in turn a symbol of power and knowledge. In addition, it is said that they are able to attract good luck and protect us against the evil eye.