the legend of eclipse

The love story between the sun and the moon

(Written by: Julia de Mercia and illustrated by: Vannia Palacio)

1. Love between mortals

Fate on earth wanted to unite them. Luna and Sol were connection. Long arms linked them, just like their hearts. They brushed against everything wonderful in life because they loved each other.

How could something so innocent unleash such storms?

Who is that divine being? They say that the one who defends beauty and love, but only her own.

His power, coming from Olympus, has come down to earth to destroy the breath of mortals. Aphrodite, blunt with her beauty, intends to wrest Luna's attention from Sol.

2. The pain of lovers

The goddess's suspicious soul is stronger than a storm. She doesn't give up, she doesn't give up, she just wants Sol for herself.

Sol's rejection causes the lovers to separate. Luna, like Sol, has been destroyed, far away and lonely at the top of the cosmos.

The biggest punishment was not being able to enlighten each other. Aphrodite cruelly ordered the fate of love, each time more intense, triggered by the unease of not being able to unite.

3. The creation

The greatest god made his appearance against the curse. The hand ruled the end of Aphrodite's injustice.

Zeus appeared to punish the aberration, but could not completely eliminate it. It was magic that gave Luna and Sol the opportunity to meet once more.

Eclipse was the creation. They had a moment to touch each other again, to join and kiss. Moon and Sun in the firmament, full, so powerful that they forgot their tasks during that time.

The world in the dark to save love.

The Eclipse , The Sun and The Moon products are inspired by this story. The ancient Greek legend about the origin of the star that illuminates the day and the one that reflects its light during the night.