Blue Beard

Legend has it that there was a man called Bluebeard, known for his enormous fortune and because all his wives had mysteriously disappeared. There lived in his neighborhood a widow who had two beautiful daughters, Elena and Gloria, whom Bluebeard wanted in marriage and entertained with luxuries to conquer any of them.

The eldest rejected him because he inspired her fear, however, little Gloria, being more naive, ended up marrying him, ignoring the advice of her mother, who through the letters had seen the bad end of their union.

One day Bluebeard undertook a long journey, and left his wife Gloria in the palace to take care of everything and allowing her to celebrate a great party; As he left, he gave him the keys to all the doors, forbidding him to use the smallest one.

After the party, and having left all the guests, the young woman began to enter all the rooms, being amazed by the treasures that were hidden there. Finally he came to a hidden and mysterious door, and guided by his curiosity he opened it with the forbidden key, and discovered to his horror that it concealed the corpses of numerous women lying in a great pool of blood.

Gloria contemplated in terror that the key was stained with blood and it was impossible to clean it due to the spell it hid.

Bluebeard returned by surprise and when he asked his wife for the keys he was able to verify that she had disobeyed him and full of fury he prepared to kill her by taking her to the secret room. Full of fear, she began to scream and summoned her brothers who arrived in time to prevent the crime, ending the life of Bluebeard.

Old moral: Curiosity, having its charms, is often paid for with sorrow and tears.

Moral Morgana: Let yourself be carried away by your intuition, that hunch that shows you the hidden truth as if you already knew what is hidden behind the door.

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