the five elements

Each person has an element with which they connect more strongly, this is called the element of power. In today's post we are going to explain the qualities of each of the elements.

Fire: The element of clarity

Fire represents our passions. Fire allows you to see in the dark, which is why it is related to clarity and vision. When humans discovered it and learned how to use it, it changed their lives forever, which is why it is also associated with transformation. This element is related to inspiration, creativity, action, enthusiasm and vitality. Your energy is fast moving, volatile and unpredictable.

The signs that have the element of fire are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. They are characterized by having an expansive energy, one that is contagious, they are an energy that invites you to do things and move. In general, they tend to be self-confident people, they capture the general idea of ​​the concepts, but they often forget the details and the little things. When faced with a situation, they respond quickly, with intuition and determination, and it is very difficult to make them change their minds.

Earth: The solid element

When witches refer to the earth element, they are not referring only to the "earth" as a physical element on which we rely. In the magical sense, the earth element also has its own energy. In early agrarian cultures, people buried symbolic objects in the ground to make something disappear or to get better crops. This element is related to stability, permanence, security and resistance. Earth energy moves slowly and steadily.

The signs that have the element of Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. They see the world through the five senses, of the tangible and what they can touch, do not tell them fables because they will not believe you. In your life you need security, stability, rules, norms and structure, if you don't feel that everything is falling apart. They tend to be quite materialistic and value earthly things more than intangibles.

Air: The elusive element

Air is the most elusive element of all since it is invisible, intangible and variable. It was believed that the wind was influenced by the direction from which it comes, its origin. For example, if the wind blows from the south it can generate passion, while if it blows from the west it stimulates intuition and imagination. Air can be gentle or fierce, wet or dry, hot or cold, and each of these has different magical connotations. For example, humid air combines the power of water with air and generates dreamy energy. This element is related to flexibility, instability, intellect and detachment. His energy moves quickly.

The signs that have the element of Air are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. How is the air? It flows, it is not seen, it adapts, and so are the air signs. They are very intellectual, they are passionate about a good conversation that awakens their mind. They need to communicate with other people, talk, study other ideas, get to know other worlds, exchange thoughts. There is nothing that puts them in tune more than a conversation out of the box . Thanks to this perspective, they are able to understand different opinions even if they do not share them, and they know how to dialogue with detachment from their own convictions.

Water: The element of movement

Water comprises 70% of the surface of our planet and over 60% of our body, this makes it clear that water is essential for life. This is why we associate the water element with "food", the source of energy that allows life. Water is constantly moving, so this element is closely related to change and movement. As we cleanse ourselves in water, we also see this element as a cleansing and healing force. It is also related to spirituality and mysticism, as well as purification, intuition and emotion. Its energy is changeable and unpredictable, it can manifest as a gentle rain or a typhoon.

The signs that have the element of Water are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. They are the most emotional signs, they are linked to people through the feelings and sensations that they transmit to them. They are VERY sensitive because they perceive all acts as an attack on their person, although some show it more than others. They move from their intuition and give much more importance to the intangible than to the tangible. For them, a look has three thousand nuances that they will know how to decipher in an instant.

Spirit: The Fifth Element

It is not an element per se , but as you delve into the world of witchcraft you will see that it is referred to. This element is even more difficult to define than air. The spirit connects the four forces of creation and this generates the source of the energy to perform magic. Just as we can experience the rest of the elements through our senses, the only way to connect with this element is with our spiritual senses.

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