the legend of lilith

An amulet to recover our voice and vindicate our value

The image of Eva, the first woman, the submissive, the naïve beauty , the one who was stupid enough to listen to a talking snake, lives perfectly engraved in our minds.

However, we have few images of what, considering religions prior to Christianity, such as Judaism or Mesopotamian paganism, was really accepted in the collective imagination as the first woman: Lilith .

A being associated with the night and demons that has no mention in the Christian Bible. A woman of extraordinary strength, beauty and presence , the one that God created so that Adam would not have to feel jealous of the rest of the couples who, together with him, inhabited Eden. This is how the primeval God responded to man's prayers, breathing life into a female version of himself, just as he created the first man, he created the first woman.

When God introduced Adam to what was going to be his partner, she was not happy with what she saw and every time he had a demand of any kind, she rejected him as much as she could, something that she did not like at all. to the first man Until, one day, already tired of having to be Adam's sexual slave, Lilith decided to leave Paradise pronouncing the magical name of God, a paradise that, for her, was not such.

From there, Lilith joined Satan, something she had that Adam did not possess, and as with him, with many other demons, creating the legend that, as a result of these unions, she herself became a demon. God tried to make his eldest daughter return, but she refused to return to that place from which she had managed to leave, for which reason he punished her by making a hundred of her children die every day.

"Lilith carved her own stigma for deciding to be free, for wanting, naturally, to be equal to man, for wanting to leave a paradise that for her seemed more like hell on earth."

She was stripped of her rights for refusing to comply with her partner's absurd sexual desires, which she hated so much. If you think deeply, then, if she agreed to have sexual relations with Satan and other demons, they must be based on mutual respect, curious that this characteristic did not exist in paradise.

But, did they expect something different from what happened? If we take a male figure as the axis of creation, at the moment it originates a female version, they become equal. And, even so, it seems that the feminine version of god is more similar to the idea we have of him than the masculine one: a strong and irreverent personality . However, the mistake was made by her own father when he tried to chain her, allowing himself to be carried away by the whims of his male version, trying to control a force that, like him, is simply uncontrollable.

This is how our piece Lilith was born, as a symbol of freedom, an amulet to recover our voice and vindicate our value.

"Lilith taught us to embrace our darkness and our light equally, to be stronger and to know how to say no, she made us see that our fire is not for them, it's for us."

By Carolina Feijóo