Basic Guide to Palmistry

What hand to read?
The left hand is related to congenital information, while the right hand is related to postnatal information. The right palm is used to determine 80% of a reading and the left the remaining 20%.

Main lines, what they represent and how to know their meaning

Life: Also called the land line, it is the line that extends around the thumb, and reflects health and physical vitality, and therefore the path that your life will take based on them.

Head: Also called the human and wisdom line. It extends from the middle of the thumb and forefinger to the other side of the palm. It reflects the mindset and personality.

Heart: Also called the sky line, it is the line that extends from the little finger to the index finger. Associated with emotions and everything related to matters of the heart.

Fate: Also called the running line, it is the line that extends from the wrist to the middle finger (not everyone has it). It reflects one's fortune and career.

the seven mountains
In general, when a mountain is bulkier than normal, it indicates that the trend is very accentuated. When it is flat or tends to be, it usually reflects some negative facets. And when a mountain is not located in the place that corresponds to it, but is displaced, it assumes the characteristics of the area to which it tends.

Mount of Venus: Associated with motherhood,  life, sensuality and feelings.

Mount of Jupiter: Reflects human ambition, leadership, authority, nobility and power.

Mount of Saturn: Represents prudence, time and wisdom.

Mount of Apollo: Also known as Mount of the Sun, an omen of good luck and  economic wellness.

Mount of Mercury: Reflects cunning, rectitude, responsibility and intelligence.

Monte de Mars: Associated with courage, struggle, activity and sacrifice.

Mount of the Moon: Associated with femininity, imagination and fantasy.

Origins and tips
Palmistry focuses on the study of the lines and hills found on the palms of the hands which, through observation, supposedly reveal the psychological and physiological profile of a person. There are indications that in India and China they were used more than 4,000 years ago. It is often said that in the hands you can know the destiny of a person and guess past, present and future events.

Everything related to the occult sciences has always caught our attention, what is studied in them and their aesthetics, but from an objective point of view. We advise you not to make any predictions that make people worry about their lives because no one is really sure about the veracity of the data that we show you below, so please do not make predictions that could negatively influence other people.

Inspired by this art we created the Palmistry ring, available in 925 silver and 925 gold-plated silver .