the phases of the moon

New Moon:
Hidden behind the sun's glare, the new moon warns us of the existence of greater energy, since in itself this phase supposes its own renewal. We could apply it to a possible emotional, physical and energetic renewal, born from a moment of reflection.

Crescent Quarter:
The meanings of this phase are associated with a moment of growth. On a personal level, it would be an ideal time to be charged with positivism, a time to develop and promote everything we want to grow, strengthen and prosper.

Full moon:
The full moon represents a moment of totality. Their meanings are linked to great changes. It is true that it is a phase that affects us the most, which is why it is a good time to connect with our most magical side and charge ourselves with energy.

Last Quarter:
Considered as an old moon, this phase is time to close cycles, say goodbye to everything we want to conclude and drive away bad thoughts. Despite representing closure, it also offers us new opportunities, reconciling with life and assuming change.

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