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Lammas, is the penultimate festival of the wheel of the year, it is celebrated between August 1 and 5, when the sun reaches 15 degrees in the sign of Leo.

Witches enjoy this day with their friends, eating bread and drinking beer. It is an ideal day to get our hands dirty and make the bread ourselves.

Suhui wears the Venus necklace

One of our Summer Best Sellers, a charm of self-love.

We can also take advantage of the fire to write on a piece of paper what we want to get rid of our life and burn it, make wishes and be thankful for what we have achieved during this year. And above all say goodbye to summer.

Natalia wears the Python earrings

We say goodbye to these earrings inspired by the legend of the Pythias.

Tamara Joselovsky
Direction of photography:
Andrea Moran
Production Assistant:
Andrea Gomez and Pablo Perez
Paul Perez

Art direction:
Mireia Soler
Art Assistant:
Enoma Eghianruwa
Wardrobe and makeup:
Miguel Adrados
sound design:
Pete Alive

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