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Three makeups for this Christmas by @beatriz_prados

We know that this year will be some very strange parties, but that is not why we are going to leave aside the glitter and some good eyelashes. That's why @beatriz_prados has created 3 mask-proof makeups , where the eyes are, of course, the protagonists, accompanied by a light makeup base.

Smoke Eye

A classic, and one of the most flattering makeup of all time. The metallic color gives it that touch of light, perfect for these parties.

Jewelry Combination:
Choker EC03 + Lilith + Abracadabra

Brilli Brilli

Carrying glitter without falling into excess is not an easy task. Therefore, accompanying it with a good eye-liner you get that glam but balanced touch that we like so much.

Jewelry Combination:
Three of Swords Necklace & Earrings


And finally, you could not miss a makeup inspired by "Euphoria" and the massive explosion of makeup that we have been seeing the last years.

Jewelry Combination:
Three of Swords Necklace, Ring & Earrings

Thank you Beatrice!

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