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Three looks for Halloween by @noraferreiraa

When we met Nora we fell in love with her style, it reminds us of Poison Ivy from "The Cramps", she dares with everything and is unique. That is why we have turned to her to create three perfect looks for Halloween night, do you dare to recreate them?

The jewels selected by Nora for her looks:
Three of Swords & Lilith


My references have changed over the years, they were almost always music groups or women that I noticed and I was amazed that they would go out like this. I don't consider that I am inspired by specific clothes or looks, but by the aesthetics and energy that goes with them.

“Vivienne Westwood, Ari Up and Viv Albertine from the Slits, Nina Hagen, Dani Miller and Ariadna from the Punsetes have always liked me as people who told me something more, who had strength with what they wore”


I think my style varies, it depends on how I get up in the morning that day, first I think about how I feel and how I want to go out, and I try to make it up with the things I have.

For example, in these photos there are no clothes themselves, they are stockings on the arms with fringes attached with pins, boots that I have painted myself, and chains that I had left over from the hardware store, it is more to create an idea that I have in my head at that moment, and sometimes creating a character that I can be for as long as I'm wearing that look, I love creating a different concept of myself every day.


I don't know if I'm the best person to give examples of style, but wear what you want, it seems very typical to me but I think it's the best advice, if you've worn it it's because you've felt it that way, and that's it's already perfect.

And also that we try to follow fashions that are within our reach, not everyone can afford to copy a look from their favorite blogger, and it's okay, it's not the most important thing, it's just clothes, something material, the best thing you can do is create your style with who you are in life in general and what motivates you at that moment.

Thank you Nora!

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