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Celebrating Ostara

The Ostara Festival (around March 21) is celebrated during the vernal equinox and marks the end of winter and the beginning of the time of rebirth: spring. Pagans and witches celebrate this holiday when the sun reaches 0 degrees in Aries and it is held in honor of Frigg, Freya or the dísir (collective of female deities).

Christianity adopted this period to celebrate Easter, which curiously derives from the word "Eostre" which is the Anglo-Saxon name of the Goddess of Spring. Despite the fact that Easter is a Christian holiday, the date is set according to the lunar movement, Easter Sunday coincides with the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the Spring Equinox, the date on which pagans celebrate the pagan festival of resurrection: Ostara, which receives its name in honor of Ostare, goddess of fertility.

One of the best known symbols of this holiday is the Easter Egg. The egg is also a symbol of resurrection, a promise of new life. Many cultures associate the egg yolk with the sun. Another well-known symbol is the Easter Bunny, a sacred animal from Ostara. It is the archetypal moon and a symbol of fertility. It is fast, prolific, and breeds openly.

To celebrate this holiday you can:
1. Pick flowers to decorate your altar
2. Walking through gardens, parks or forests
3. Paint eggs and give them away
4. Make a meal in honor of the goddesses

Happy Ostara everyone!

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