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Mix Gold & Silver

Combining silver and gold has become quite a trend, either by mixing both metals in the same piece or by combining jewelry made of each of these materials. We wanted to banish this myth against it and that is why we always put it into practice.

Did you know that in ancient times the protection of the forces of the Sun was invoked with gold and those of the Moon with silver? With the union of both, absolute protection was achieved, which is why carrying a gold or silver coin, or even one of each metal, is still considered a good luck charm in our time.

Get this look:
EC03G + Lilith Silver + The Sun Gold Choker

Get this look:
EC03G + Three of Swords Gold + The Moon Silver Choker

Get this look:
EC03G + Three of Swords Silver + Lilith Silver Choker

Get this look:
EC03S + Lilith Gold + The Sun Gold Choker

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