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I put a spell on you...

When we started to shape this project, the first thing we did was give it a name, we needed something that represented our passion for this world. The initial response was very simple, what has marked us the most? Why are we so obsessed with witches and magic? It all started when we were very little and the culprits were three movies (actually there were more but we don't want to drive you crazy):

The return of the witches (Hocus Pocus)
Practically Magic (Practical Magic)
Youngsters and Witches (The Craft)

Thinking about it, we came to the conclusion that she had to have a first and last name, be someone, be able to call her by her name.

So first we need a name: MORGANA, a powerful sorceress in Arthurian legend.

And second, a last name: SANDERSON, a nod to what unknowingly triggered all this in our childhood. Our beloved Sanderson sisters.

This combination of legends, history and 90s cinema is our essence. That is why the new box is a memory of how all this began, and although the idea evolves, the concept remains the same.

For us this project goes beyond being a brand, for us it is a universe and it can be applied to everything. Morgana is an aesthetic, some colors, a sound, a dream... that has changed our lives and we wanted to thank you for being here with us.

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