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Celebrating Lammas

Lughnasadh or Lammas, is the penultimate festival of the wheel of the year, it is celebrated on August 1 or around August 5, when the sun reaches 15 degrees in the sign of Leo. According to Celtic mythology, Lugh is a personification of the god Baal, which we told you about on the Beltane festival.

This party celebrated an event of nature, like many of the festivities, in this case the first harvest. The wheat and the rest of the cereals were dried on this date, the already ripe fruits were collected... In this time of heat and hard work under the sun, the god Lugh (god of light) was thanked for summer and the fullness that it brings .

The term lughnasadh literally means Lugh's wedding, which refers to one of the most popular events on this day. Celtic weddings were called handfasting (anointing of hands), couples join their hands with a bow as a symbol of eternity. This ritual has a lot of symbolism and has become very popular in civil weddings. The rite consists of literally tying the intertwined hands of the couple forming an eight (infinity symbol that symbolizes the union between the Sun and the Moon) while they look into each other's eyes and promise to be united. Then the couple have to remove their hands without undoing the knot and keep the ropes as a reminder of the vows they made to each other.

Witches today enjoy this day with their friends, eating bread and drinking beer, it is an ideal day to stain our hands and make the bread ourselves. We can also take advantage of the fire to write on a piece of paper what we want to get rid of our life and burn it, make wishes and be thankful for what we have achieved during this year. And above all say goodbye to summer.

Happy Lughnasadh everyone!

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