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Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia was history, all of it deserves to be remembered and studied. Hypatia fought for her beliefs and although she did not win in her time, in ours she has. She was known as a teacher, philosopher, and astronomer, as well as a fighting, courageous, and clear-headed woman. She was one of the first mathematicians in history, considered a pioneer of women in science. But as the saying goes: “Curiosity killed the cat”.

To know its history, however, it is necessary to travel back many years, embark on a time machine to reach ancient Egypt where the Greeks had dominated the city of the pyramids and pharaohs. The same time in which a new religion advanced without taking a step back, without fearing anything: Christianity.

The faithful of paganism, however, felt the new religion as a threat and the streets were nothing more than places to fight in great battles for one side or the other. Even so, in the midst of that chaos that this entailed, a young woman with brown hair like coffee, investigated night and day trying to answer all her questions, and formulating new ones to the ancient philosophers.

The small battles ended up becoming great wars, and the wounded were dead, and in the midst of that Hypatia observed, in the midst of that she commented, in the midst of that she acted. But in the maximum splendor of Christianity, women had to be silent, obey and smile. She didn't do any of that, she complained about injustices, she didn't obey if it wasn't necessary, and she smiled when she wanted to, not when they imposed it on her. His words, sweet and wise, liked everyone; women, men, children... no one was indifferent to their speeches.

As her popularity increased and her words resonated more strongly, she was accused of being a witch. And as has always happened in history, they wanted to burn her at the stake.

One day in the year 450 she was assassinated by a mob of Christians. They wanted to silence a brilliant mind, hide it. They wanted to kill a woman but what they did not know is that for each future generation women with more voice would be born.

By @aphroditemhm

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