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Celebrating Litha

Litha (June 21) celebrates the summer solstice, the sun king reaches its peak and offers us the longest day of the year and the shortest night. The Litha festival is a festival of fire, but it is also a festival of water, so we find traditions that unite the two elements. It marks a time of plenty, and according to folklore, the spirits of the earth abound at this time of fullness and magic, especially to cast love spells. Like our ancestors, witches celebrate it with a big party, music, dances and some ritual or offering to Mother Earth as a symbol of gratitude. It is also the perfect time to collect flowers, herbs and other plants for your spells.

Surely many of you spend the night on the beach, bathe naked in the sea, jump over a bonfire... Who has not practiced or at least knows the following water rituals? Entering the sea backwards while contemplating the moon to have good luck for the next year, jumping the waves seven times before going in or nine times to attract fertility... There are many rituals associated with this night and this time we propose a spell with candles, candles represent the sun and the element of fire, so they are perfect for this holiday.

3 candles
3 candlesticks
the sun tarot card
lighter or matches
On the eve of the solstice, place the candles in the triangle-shaped candlesticks with the point facing you (inverted triangle, symbol of the element of fire), and place the tarot card in the center of the triangle. The sun card represents abundance, recognition and respect, creative energy and many of the good things in life. Light the candles while contemplating your small altar, let the message of this letter flow, visualize how the sun shines on you and unleashes all its power. You can stay in this position as long as you want, when you feel that you have finished, blow out the candles and pick up the letter. Place it somewhere to accompany you throughout the next day, for example in your purse, a pocket...

Happy Litha everyone!

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